tirsdag 29. mars 2011

Don't eat your peas!

At least not when they're inside these:

In Norwegian they're simply called "pea bags" (erteposer), as they're filled with (dried) peas. They can be used for all sorts of activities; today we've been practicing throwing and catching out on the veranda. I've been thinking about making them for a while, ever since seeing this blog post. I did, however, make mine double in the sense that I made the actual "pea bags" from plain canvas and then made covers from various patterned fabrics - experience from my own childhood has taught me that these toys seldom stay clean for long, thus I want to be able to wash the covers.

And finally a picture of a happy girl holding one of her new toys:

tirsdag 22. mars 2011

WIP (work in progress)

I'm knitting a spring jacket for my girl. The yarn is a cotton-merino blend and deliciously soft. I found it in a sales basket and payed 20 kr a skein, which makes this a rather cheap project. I've also bought bright cerise buttons. Here's a WIP picture:

mandag 14. mars 2011

Therapeutic work

The past few months have been rather intense. The new year started with us getting every conceivable cold and flu one after the other, then in late January our 2-year-old was ended up in hospital for a week thanks to the RS-virus. Also I found out I was pregnant in early January; last week I started bleeding and went for a scan at the hospital. I was bleeding because I'd had a missed abortion. I thought I was 13 weeks along, however the embryo hadn't made it past 6 weeks. So it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride lately.

In the midst of all this, what has given me solace and peace of mind is sewing, knitting and a bit of redecorating. I've finished a few UFOs (unfinished objects, that is), such as overlocking ready cut nappy inserts for our daughter's cloth nappies and buttoning an otherwise finished nappy, assembling a couple of knitting projects, and so on. I've also started (and finished!) a couple of garments for my daughter.

First the Bambi T-shirt:

Pattern (modified) from Ottobre 4/2010, fabric from Myllymuksut.

Then a pair of jeans:

Pattern from Ottobre 1/2010, fabric from Stoff & Stil. My girl loves everything pink at the moment, thus the pink button. I'm hoping that detail will make the trousers acceptable to her. ;)

Lastly I've built two Malm chests from Ikea for my girl's room. Up until now her clothes have been stored in a Expedit shelf with inserts, and we've changed her nappies on a separate changing table. However those items of furniture were bought for where we lived when our girl was born, and didn't work all that well here. So the Malm chests were a welcome change. More storage and a less crowded room. Hopefully we'll soon be able to remove the changing pad as well, as she's starting to get the hang of going to the potty again, after a long period of refusing to go near it.